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RIMROCK – Taking care of business – working toward a business degree at Northern Arizona University – was not the right business for Ron Franklin.

So Franklin changed majors his junior year, as he thought back to what made a difference in his life in high school.

“It was my high school football coach Mr. Anders,” says Franklin, who recently retired after 25 years at Beaver Creek School in Rimrock.

A social studies teacher and basketball coach, Franklin says he switched his college studies to education “to make a positive difference in this world.”

“I changed my career and have been so blessed,” he says. “Teaching and coaching have given me that opportunity.”

Says Karina Sacco, principal at Beaver Creek School, Franklin has made a career of caring for others.

“His first priority is always our students,” Sacco says. “He pushes them to be better people and encourages them to make the best version of themselves possible. He uses a firm, yet gentle approach to classroom management that allows all students to thrive as they explore the world around them. Mr. Franklin is loved by his students, colleagues, and community.”

What does Franklin like best about teaching?

“Years later when I would meet a former student, usually one of my athletes, and he tells me how the experiences with me helped him to guide his life,” he says. “Sometimes this happens with some of the girls I had in class. But more often, it is with the athletes I have coached.

“Making a positive difference in someone’s life is the best,” he says. But the “over-testing of students along with the continual and ever changing evaluations of teachers” are things Franklin likes least about the education field.


I start teaching history from what is happening in current events and then go back to the source of that issue. I try to explain the issue at the students’ level, using video and a chalk board.  

My students say I am traditional with some humor, some anger and a lot of passion and emotion.


Franklin wore a Mohawk haircut his entire senior year of high school.


Franklin was Teacher of the Year at two different schools: Mohawk Valley School and Beaver Creek School. 

Franklin was Teacher of the Year at two different schools: Mohawk Valley School and Beaver Creek School.


“It is a law for every teacher, In Loco Parentis, which is Latin for in place of parent. I took that law to heart and tried to treat each child like he/she was one of my own, trying to get across knowledge with, love and discipline.”

Bill Helm

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