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Good things happening at Beaver Creek School

Beaver Creek School’s boys’ basketball team got first place in the small state tournament.

Our girls fought hard and were able to take away fourth place at the small state tournament. 

Mrs. Pam Zahnzinger held auditions and has started the rehearsals for our annual 21st Century Community Learning Center performance.

We look forward to an early May date for the play.

Weather has created a slow start for our softball, baseball and running club.

However, the students are excited and can’t wait to beginning their games and season.

The Boys’ first home game was March 5, and the girls’ first home game was March 8.

Our running club is looking forward to running in the Trek for Tech race the end of March. 

The STEAM Extravaganza was a success; Brianna Clarke did a great job of setting up the event and organizing judges.

Our teachers, students and their family members put in a lot of work to conduct experiments and create displays that really showcased students deep understanding of the scientific method.

Before the STEAM Extravaganza, Patricia Garitson went all out to provide a delicious Turkey Dinner for Families.

At one dollar per family, it was delicious and fun.

She had eighth grade boys helping with the serving as part of their career exploration.

They too were enthusiastic and helpful serving and cleaning up the dinner.

Devon Artrip attended training in Cottonwood called The Kindergarten Experience.

She is excited to implement new strategies specifically targeted to engage our youngest learners.

Congratulations to Ms. Alyssa Agin for passing her ParaPro test. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Wheeler for becoming the  district CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) Trainer

Congratulations to Mrs. Sacco in passing her Oral Defense of Comprehensive Finals as she works on her doctorate in Curriculum and Assessment.

Congratulations to Scott Worden and Bryan Watson from NAU ETC, as they went through a serious of questions with the TRUST on our Cyber Risk Assessment.

Beaver Creek is on track in most areas.

Recommendations were given is some areas.

And, the security issues are ever changing!

Ms. Julie Heal and Mrs. Allie Wheeler have organized a parent engagement night for families of students who are language learners.

The evening was Dr. Seuss themed and brought parents and teachers together to support strong literacy skills in our students.

There are lots of students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade that have already met their AR goal. 

And a few that are over 200 and one that exceeded 500. That is some fantastic reading.

Plans for multiple fieldtrip are in place for the first week in March for the fifth through the eighth grade.

Some will see William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” some get to go to the Renaissance Fair, and some go to the annual Maze trip to explore issues that are important to teenagers.

Wellness Week Excitement includes:

  • 7th and 8th grade going to Teen Maze.
  • Carlos Godina teaching Personal Safety to K-5.
  • County Nurses in for the Spring shot Immunizations.
  • Mat Force here to teach life skills (self esteem/assertiveness)
  • The Annual Staff vs. 8th grade basketball game.

College and Career Readiness Coach, Margee Cowan said that “the  Good Thing  that stands out to me is how our staff is so willing to help out each other. 

“It is wonderful to work with people that always put the education of our students first.”

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