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Earth Day booths spread love of nature stories

Multiple booths were spread out across a portion of Cortez Street on Saturday, April 21, for the Earth Day Celebration — spreading a love of conservation.

Some, such as Ellen Bashor, brought together the Center for Nature and Place-based Early Childhood Education, the Arizona Association for Environment Education and Educational Expedition to create a space for children to enjoy Earth Day with a lot of hands on activities.

Concepts like climate change can be difficult to address with kids because it’s hard for them to comprehend, Bashor said.

“This can be about having fun, connecting and loving nature, the foreground for conservationist behavior later in life,” she said.

One aspect included a table where kids could touch giant pine cones and rattlesnake skin. Having it helps to get people touching things that are part of the natural world but they may not be able to experience in their everyday life, said volunteer Alex Yarbrough.

For what was on the table, they collected a lot of items that felt interesting and would potentially create some kind of wonder as to why it felt that way, Yarbrough said.

Others because they’d be something people aren’t usually able to touch, he said. “All of this stuff, we just picked up off the ground,” Yarbrought said. “They could go out and find their own stuff and then it gets them outdoors and having fun.”

Also present were a few representatives from FreePort-McMoran Copper & Gold, a Phoenix based mining company with a copper and molybdenum mine in Bagdad.

Showing off the geology of Bagdad, Chase Barron and Tom Haber were getting quite a bit of traffic at their booth.

It also gave them an opportunity to tell them about the mine in Bagdad, Barron said.

“A lot of people don’t really know (the mine) exists,” he said, stating they were “getting the public educated that they can go out there and tour the mine.”

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